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Prime Video on Fibe TV

You can access Prime Video directly on your 4K Whole Home PVR (ViP 5662) without any additional equipment.

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  1. Press Apps on your Bluetooth slim remote to bring up the App Menu.
  2. Scroll to the right until you see the Prime Video icon and press Select to launch the app.

If you are new to Prime Video, you can create Amazon Prime account by visiting  Once subscribed, you can log in to the Prime Video app using that email address and password.

If you are an existing Prime Video customer, you will be able to access the Prime Video app using your current login.

You only pay the monthly or the yearly subscription fee to Amazon. Bell does not charge additional fees to access Prime Video.

Important: Please note that the use of apps on Fibe TV counts towards your Bell Internet usage.

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To exit without signing out of your Amazon Prime account:

  1. Press the Back button on your Fibe TV remote.
  2. When prompted to exit the app press Select or OK.
  3. You’ll go back to the TV channel you were previously watching .

Parental controls for the Prime Video app are separate from those you set on Fibe TV. To change parental controls for Prime Video, log in at

Language preferences on the Prime Video app are separate from those you set on Fibe TV. To change your language preferences, launch the Prime Video app and select Language in the Settings section.

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To select subtitles or an audio track in a different language, select Subtitles or Audio from the show details page.