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What does proration mean?

When you add, remove or cancel a service or feature in the middle of a billing period, we adjust the charge for that month so you only pay for the time you use it. This is called proration.

How is proration calculated?

We calculate proration from the date of the change until your next bill date. Since you’re billed for services a month in advance, your first bill after making changes will show your new regular monthly charges, plus partial charges or credits because of your recent changes.

Example – billing period: 1st to 30th of every month

On April 15, you add a new TV channel for $7/month. You enjoy this channel for 15 days and then we calculate your bill:

Proration example

Partial charges
$7/30 days = $0.23 (cost of service/day)
$0.23 x 15 days = $3.50 (cost of service X days left in current billing period)

On your next bill, you’ll see a partial charge of $3.50 for April, plus the regular monthly charge of $7 for May.

The partial charge appears in the Partial and Others Charges & Credits section of your bill, and it will only appear once. Your bills thereafter will only include your new regular monthly charges.