Set up a Smartwatch NumberShare plan on Apple Watch

Getting started

If you have an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, you can connect it to the Bell Mobility LTE network by signing up for a Smartwatch plan with NumberShare™.

This lets you make calls, send messages and stay connected with just your Apple Watch – even when you’re away from your iPhone.

The Apple Watch with cellular connectivity has an eSIM (a built-in SIM card), so you don’t need a separate SIM card.

You’ll be prompted to set up a Smartwatch plan when you first pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone (look for the option to set up cellular). If you don’t set it up right away, you can do it later through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Learn how to activate a NumberShare plan on your Apple Watch.

Coverage and roaming

Apple Watch cellular connectivity works in Canada where there is VoLTE coverage. International roaming is currently not available.

Outside of VoLTE coverage areas, you can use your smartwatch with Bluetooth.

Using Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby (NumberShare)

If your Apple Watch has a Smartwatch plan with NumberShare, you can use it independently, even if your iPhone is in a different location.

Your iPhone must be turned on in order for your Apple Watch to send and receive text messages, iMessages and email. You can however make and receive calls from your Apple Watch when your iPhone is turned off or out of battery.