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How to move your Bell services

Moving your Bell services is easy.

It just takes one call to place your order.

Let us arrange your move today:

With Bell, it’s easy to have all of your services moved and installed in your new home.

Before you contact us, have the following information handy:

  1. Your Bell account number
  2. Your new street address, including postal code (No rural routes (RR) or post office (PO) boxes)
  3. Moving date
  4. An alternate phone number where we can reach you during the move (example mobile phone)

Whether by chat or by phone, a specialist will walk you through the moving process and will schedule a technician visit for the day of your move.

Call us at 1 866 866-2355

Print your checklist Opens in new tab

Before your move installation appointment:

  • Pack up items from your old residence that you want to bring to your new residence. These may include:
    • All your receivers
    • Remote controls
    • Wires
    • Modem
    • Filters
    • Phones
  • NOTE: If you are a Satellite TV customer, you can leave the dish behind. Bell will provide a new dish if one isn't already installed at your new address.

  • At your new residence, place your televisions, receivers, remote controls and wires in the rooms where you want them connected. Unpack your modem and ensure your computer is connected to it and ready to use. Plug your phones into the phone jacks throughout your home.
  • Ensure your furniture is not blocking any outlets or jacks, as the technician will need access to them to install your services.
  • If you have a landlord, you may have to ask their permission before any installation takes place. Our technicians may drill holes or staple wiring to the wall during installation.

On your move installation day:

For customers requiring an installation by a Bell technician.

  • The account holder or designated representative (who has reached legal age of majority) should be on-site to authorize the installation and stay for its duration.
  • Our technician will call you at the contact number you provided before arriving at your new residence.
  • Have one of your devices ready so our technician can connect it to your Internet network and conduct any necessary testing.

After your move:

If your move is completed between billing periods and you have changed your services, you may see partial charges on your bill. Learn more about partial charges.

For more information on moving and our support services:
Call us at 1 866 866-2355.

Depending on the services ordered, you may require an installation by a technician or you may be able to do it yourself.

If a technician is required:

  • The technician will arrive in a two-hour windowfootnote Two-hour technician arrival windows can be offered where available and discussed with the Bell representative at time of the order of your choosing.
  • The appointment could last between 2 to 6 hours depending on the services ordered. The technician can give a more accurate estimate once on-site.
  • The cost of the installation depends on the services ordered and will be outlined by the Bell agent helping you arrange your move.

Learn more Opens in new tab (PDF 29.99 KB) about what to prepare for your installation and set up.

*Where available. Discuss it with the Bell representative at time of the order.


  • Self-installation is available for select Home phone and Internet customers, or for customers moving into an area that has been serviced by Bell in the last year.

Can I keep my phone number?

When you place your move order, you will be able to confirm if you can keep your number. In most cases, if you are moving within the same geographical area, you will be able to keep your phone number.

How is my bill going to be affected by the move?

If your move is completed between billing periods and you have changed your services, you may receive partial charges. Learn more about partial charges.

Is there a fee to move my services?

In most cases, there is no fee to move your services.

How can I prepare for moving day?

Take a look at our moving checklist, which tells you everything you should bring with you and what to expect on moving day.

Do I need to be at my new residence on moving day?

If you’re the account holder, you should be on-site for the duration of the installation. If you can't be home at that time, please ensure that a representative, who has reached legal age of majority, will be on-site to authorize the installation and sign any required documentation on your behalf.

How do I check or change my move appointment time?

Your confirmation e-mail will provide details on the date and time of your appointment, services ordered, costs and any other information. Should you require a change to your appointment time or your order, please call us as early as possible to allow us to accommodate your request on the next available appointment.